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Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends are designed with one-piece forged housing of high quality alloy steel. The whole lot of tie rod ends is produced using CNC turning machines, SPM thread rolling machines and microprocessor controlled grinders. The ball pins are cold forged, which are subjected to HF induction in order to ensure long life.

Ball Joints

Ball joints have  forged  structures of  low carbon  steel  suitably zinc plated
Self-lubricating ball joints have excellent bearing characteristics for maintenance free operation. High strength and good wear resistance are the important aspects considered during entire production process. Ball joints are ideal to handle transfer of motion with angular misalignment, reciprocating oscillation and full rotation. These ball joints are suitable for thrust load, radial load and impact heavy load.
Idler Arms & Pitman Arms

Idler arms & pitman arms are hot forged instead of casting that usually cause porosity in the end products. However, forgings imparts greater strength, better fatigue resistance and high service life to these idler arms & pitman arms. A wide range of idler & pitman arms is available in various specifications for various automobile models.
Track Control Arms

A wide range of forged track control arms is offered in conformation to OEM and after market specifications. It cater to all their requirements with an assurance of total satisfaction. Track-control arms are designed to add stability to steering through stabilizing the wheel. They also reduce vibration and uncontrolled movements. The primary materials for construction are pressed steel or aluminum.
Center and Drag Links

Center and drag links are made of hot forged alloy steel in order to impart excellent strength and optimum durability. These center and drag links assure accurate rotational movement without any side play. Designed to serve longer even in rough road conditions, center & drag links are provided with special coating to protect them against corrosion.
Front Axle/Drive Shaft

These constant velocity joints are designed to improve the vehicle's performance and at the same time enhance the driving comfort. This is achieved by increasing the safety, reducing noise as well as keeping a check on vibration. Furthermore, the maintenance of these Front Axle/Drive Shafts is quite simple, which is another advantage
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